Society's Standards

by - November 11, 2014

Today a girl on Instagram wrote about the negative comments she gets on a daily basis due to her eyeliner. She is a singer and on (and sometimes off) stage she likes to wear a long eyeliner-wing. Occasionally it even goes up to her hairline. I find this really brave of her and I wish I could pull that off, because she looks amazing (with or without eyeliner). But for some reason, people tend to make a comment on it, even if no one asked them about their opinion. They say, that they prefer her without the eyeliner or that she looks crazy. How do these people justify their judgements? Did someone announce them to be the Law Lords of beauty? I don't think so. They just see her picture and think they can say something mean, since she probably won't read it anyway. But she did read it. And unfortunately, one negative comment overweights ten positive ones (since most people love her famous wings).

Chrissy Costanza
Society tells us how we have to look and act to be accepted. And if you tell a person a hundred times that she / he looks wrong, she / he will be most likely to start expecting these 'standards' from others, too. It's a never ending circle of demands on appearances. So, why can't we just stop making up an image of a perfect person and ignore what society wants us to do. It is our choice, right? We don't have to look a certain way to please anyone but ourselves. Sometimes I won't feel like wearing makeup at all and other days I'll use a ton of it. But either way, I'm making that decision myself and I make it because I want to. Not because someone else told me so.

So, for god's sake: let that girl wear her 'crazy' winged eyeliner. No one says you have to like it, you just need to accept it. If you prefer your bare face, then that's your decision and nobody should blame you for it.

P.S. I'm sorry for two self-centered posts in a row, I promise there will be stuff about other topics, too.


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