Today Is A Good Day

Hey there,

During the six months or so of German winter I have felt rather down. Partly because I wrote a hell lot of exam in a way too short period of time and partly due to the shitty weather (duh). The only light in the dark were the holidays and the visit from my beloved sister from another mister. Gaby and me spent two weeks together exploring the area I live in, but that's another story. Anyways, about three weeks ago, my mood started to get better again. Mainly because there's still some daylight left when I get home from school. Until then I went to school when it was still dark and came back when it was dark again. Last week the sun even shone and a lot of my classes got cancelled (which is always a plus). I had a perfect week of only good days, although I did miss my brother's birthday which kind of sucked.

However, this week, it got even better. Every day I wake up and see the sun outside I can't but smile. It's funny how much a bit of sun can lighten your mood. That's why spring is my favourite season (well, next to summer, to be honest). You're just feeling down from all the cold and dark days and then... a sunbeam kisses your skin and you're feeling alright again. If I didn't suck at it, I'd write a poem for this season.

Collecting sunrays
If you're still in deep deep snow and fighting that winter blues, here's a tip: every morning when you wake up, you just say to yourself, that it's gonna be a good day. If you're not sincerely depressed, it will work (or at least it did for me). And if you're still feeling down, here's a little playlist (works best when one dances).


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