Oh, the places you'll go...

Travelling. One thing that most people love. But what is it about travelling that makes it so special and so unique? Well, there is the obvious stuff like seeing beautiful places and getting away from your life. More important, however, is the part where you learn about a new culture, get to know new people and new manners, learn recipes, songs and dances. You're in this whole new country with breathtaking views and landscapes, people that are happy despite all their worries and you feel like you'd fit in just perfectly.

I've seen quite a few places in my 18 years of living. When I was a little kid we mostly travelled around Germany (we also did the occasional driving-over-the-border-to-Czech) and Austria and visited a few Center Parks in Belgium and the Netherlands (just because they were cheap). With my grandmother paying, we were able to go a bit further away, to Djerba, Egypt and Fuerteventura (all inclusive, obviously). A few years later, I went to France and Denmark with my family. Thanks to school I was able to come back to France once more and visit London, the most amazing city I desperately want to live in.

After years of saving, my brother, me and our mother flew to the USA. We made a road trip through four states and visited our family. An experience I surely won't forget.

Chile was the best one so far. Mostly because I stayed with the most welcoming and lovely host family there is. I really miss all of them very dearly. Seeing a country through the eyes of its citizens is a whole different thing and definitely worth experiencing.

For future holidays there are quite a few travels planned. After the summer holidays I'll fly to Italy with my school class (I learned Italian in school and really admire this country, but never been there before, so I'm extremely excited for this one), after that my family and me are going to Corsica and next year I finally get to see New York, the city of my dreams. And after school, who knows? I'd love to take a year off and go to India, Morocco, Turkey and Thailand.

Anyways, the one thing that makes travelling so very special isn't only to come back home, it's to find new homes all around the world.


Extra cheesy quote: Not all those who wander are lost. - J.R.R. Tolkien

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