A Letter To My Younger Self

by - August 18, 2015

Hello there,

Well, this is kinda weird. Talking to my past self and shit. Anyways, I've got a whole lotta stuff to tell you, so let's get into it, shall we?

Don't ever try to impress anyone. It doesn't work out and you're just making an idiot out of yourself.
If someone expects you to do something for them, turn around and walk away. They're not your friends.
Don't give up before you even tried. It might turn out great.
However, do give up the flute. Don't waste your precious time on that shit and buy a guitar already.
I don't wanna be mean or something but sometimes you really need to shut the hell up and just let it be. You're not always right, you know?
Not all that glitters is gold. Keep that in mind when you're jealous of someone.
French as a first foreign language? Stupid idea. It's gonna cause you years of struggle and failure. English is much more your thing.
Also, how about paying a bit of attention in class? You're future self (aka me) is gonna thank you.
Backbiting is not cool. And you're not even interested in it. So stop being so pretentious, you're just mean.

What a babe.
Money isn't everything, but it's a lot, don't waste it.
Don't try to hide yourself to be someone you're not.
Guinea pigs just ain't your thing. Keep working on getting a cat.
Btw, work. Anywhere. Just do it.
And join some sort of activity or club that you're willing to stick to for more than a few months.
Start watching Doctor Who now. It's amazing and much better than playing with dolls or Pokémons. Actually, Pokémons are fine. Just get rid of the dolls. They're creeping me out.
Keep reading! Your father is about to drop a shit ton of books on you and you're way too slow when it comes to finishing them.
And if you find the time, figure out how computers work. You may want to study it in the future.

Now, screw all of that and don't change a thing, cause it might change you.


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