Summertime Sadness

by - November 12, 2015

It's that time of the year again. The sun is starting to fade away and the sky is mostly covered by grey clouds. There's a reason grey isn't particularly famous for being an uplifting colour. It's rather depressing. For me, the end of the summer means two horrible things at once (three, actually):
1. No more sunbathes, no more trips to the lake, no more shorts and dresses. Winter is coming and that sucks. I hate freezing and having to wear kilos of clothes in order to not die.
2. School started again and this particular summer, it's the last time that happened for me, since I'm done with school in spring.
(3. The exam season starts with the first term of school. And guess what, since this is my last year I'll have to write three exams that each take four hours and then seven others that take two hours.)

This is what stress looks like.
Did you know that the only thing worse than rain and cold weather is having to study all day plus the depressing weather? Exam season makes me hate winter so much more. However, I don't wanna pity myself anymore, so instead I'll try to see the positive side of things and tell you about some things I do like about the cold season.

1. Fuzzy socks, onesies and blankets.
2. Hot chocolate and cookies. Also, tea. Tea is extremely important for my very survival.
3. Christmas, New Years Eve and everything that comes with it.
4. Candles and fairy lights. Both are equally awesome.
5. Christmas music and movies. Especially "The Nightmare Before Christmas" (Tim Burton + Disney, could it be any better?) and "Frozen" (I'm not even ashamed of that one).

Although I will be crying over the end of summer (cause let's be honest, it's still my favorite season by far), I'll try to also look forward to the things mentioned above. But this year that's even harder than usually due to the enormous amount of stress I'll have with learning for my exams and my A-levels.

Wow. I really didn't want this post to be so much of a rant. I'm sorry. I'll try to be more uplifting next time.

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