by - December 09, 2015

I promised you an uplifting post and here it is!

Art. For me that means to express your feelings. Any form of self-expression is art. Kind of.
Years and years ago, people had a very specific definition of what is and isn't art. In poetry you had to stick to a rhyme scheme, metre and form. For painters it meant you had to be very realistic and as close to the actual event / object / person as possible. Or in some eras it had to be even better than reality. Without the ugly stuff. Or only the ugly stuff.

Nowadays there are no rules. And that this - in my opinion - the only right way to define art. Art is objective and has different meanings to different people. One person can't judge what art is and if it's good. There is no good or bad art anyway. There's only what you see in it. If it moves, touches or inspires only one person, the artist achieved its goal. And even if not, he still got to express his feelings and opinions. No rules means that everyone gets access to art. You got emotions? You share 'em with others? Congratulations, you're an artist. Of course that also means that some artists (especially in the music industry and online) just use any feeling - not necessarily their own - and sell it. But there are still so many amazing artists that create all of their masterpieces out of passion and love and therefore I'm happy to ignore the others.

The internet gave us uncountable new opportunities to share our feelings and values. Video creators on YouTube are able to make whole movies. A chance only given to professional filmmakers a few years back. Social media helps to spread that art, too. A simple person can reach millions of people.

My favourite kind of art is and always will be (you guessed it) writing. When I was about 13 I started writing stories and books on my laptop. I'm currently working on 13 books simultaneously plus the occasional poem. My opinions and values are obviously shared through this blog but my books and poems allow me to enter a whole new world of expressing myself. A blog post is only a snippet but a whole book... Poems are something different again. Rather than voicing my feelings I'm playing with language. Trying to make words fit that don't usually go together, finding a rhythm without the content losing its sense. Poems are complicated. Books are complex. Blog posts are just a stream of consciousness. Letting your thoughts and words flow. Blog posts are simple (of course that only applies for me, there are a lot of bloggers who really think about what they're writing and how).

Another form of art I love is music. Music means giving your written words a melody that supports the matter of those words. Music is complicated. I'd never manage to write a song.

Lately, I've been a big fan of spoken words or poetry slams, too. Voicing the words out loud with gesture, mimic and all gives them a new dimension. It's a bit like singing, I guess. And there are so many amazing spoken words artists that can touch your heart with their voice and their words.

Paintings do not move me that much. I can look at a painting and think: that's really good, it captures the moment perfectly. But I'm mostly missing the context. A painting alone isn't enough. Of course I can make up a story to a painting. But then I'm using one form of art to understand another. For some people that might be totally fine, for me it's a bit like cheating. Paintings cannot stand alone and that makes them weaker than other art. Or maybe it makes them stronger. Because they ask for other art and the imagination of the observer. Anyways, paintings are beautiful and I do love them and have great respect for anyone that can paint.

HINT: I've hidden some art in the darker words, the poem is in German though...

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