It's not them, it's you

by - February 22, 2016

Edit: This stupid blogger app republishes post when all I wanna do is correct a few spelling mistakes! This is an old post, pls ignore.

Note: This is a draft of a post I've been working on for quite some time. Somehow, I'm not able to write down my thoughts on this topic exactly the way I want to. I decided to publish it nonetheless, because holding it back only frustrates me more. I just wanted you to know that I'm not entirely happy with how it turned out and some points I made might come across weird, because I couldn't find the right words.

Political correctness. Such boring words with such great power. Some people are very cautious to be politically correct all the time and not insult anyone. Most people are just annoyed. 

I do use words sometimes that offend a whole lot of people, probably. But not outside the comfort zone of my very few very close friends that know I'm only using them ironically. If I ever used a word (publicly) and someone would tell me they're offended by that I'd never use that word again. That's simply because I don't wanna offend anyone (well, except if they deserved it...). Of course I think that sometimes people are just making a fuss about nothing but that doesn't enable me to judge if they're really offended or not. A lot of people don't get that because they are not able to put themselves in someone else's skin. But just because you haven't been called the n-word before (in a very offensive way, duh) that does not mean that nobody else ever has. 

Those are oftentimes the same people that claim that something isn't offensive because it's 'normal'. Now, I don't really know how anyone would define normal, but I'm just gonna assume (to make things easier) that the things that most people do and say are normal. To make this even more concrete I'm gonna tell you a little story from the daily life of yours truly. As you may or may not know I'm both German and American. Every once in a while it happens that a German friend of mine makes a remark about how all Americans are fat or ignorant or just all over assholes. I myself am neither fat nor ignorant, the other one is up for debate. So, I'll tell my friend that they shouldn't generalize Americans that way. Here I'd like to use a sentence that one of my friends actually said to me: 'Why not? Since Americans think that all Europeans are the same...' Let that sink in for a moment... Yep. It's really that stupid. My friend complained about people generalizing others by generalizing Americans. She didn't notice the irony, btw. I thought that maybe someone would say something about how stupid that comment was... I was wrong. Everyone, including our teacher, agreed with her. The statement was generally accepted as not offensive and normal, meaning it was taken for the truth. This wasn't the only time something like that happened to me. About once a week I hear either a racist or sexist comment or 'joke'. Jokes. That's the other annoying thing. People very often say offensive things but insist they're not offensive because it's just a joke. Joke or not, it's still offensive and you're still a dumbhead for making that joke.

Unfortunately, people are able to hide behind society when making those remarks. They'll say things like: 'Well, everyone make these jokes sometimes.' Or: 'But it's true, isn't it?' And most will agree with them. Sigh. What's bugging me most though are comments like: 'It's the media's fault. They're raising us like that.' This sentence only applies to some children and teenagers. They are most certainly influenced by the media. However, as an adult you are very well able to educate yourself and even if you don't read a lot or don't watch informative videos, you will come across the fact that everyone is born equal (although not with the same opportunities). You don't have any excuse to be ignorant and it's not their fault that you're being an arse, it is entirely yours. Do not blame others for your stupid comments. 

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