No Prayers

I wrote this after my social medias were bombarded with #prayforparis and now that #prayforbrussels followed, I figured I'd finally publish it. In no way am I trying to excuse the actions of ISIS and other terrorists. I'm just trying to understand the whole story behind them.

Praying does not rise the fallen. Praying does not feed the hungry.
Those who have lost someone will grieve and will fear. People do terrible things out of grief and fear.
Bombs get dropped and guns get fired. Fire with fire. Blood with blood.
We keep killing each other instead of nurturing life.
If you wake up hungry in the morning. If you have to work every day whilst others get an education. If you are permanently pushed down and walked over. If no one cares if you live or die. Hate seems to be the only solution. And so it happens that a good man goes to war.1
"Maybe", he thinks, "maybe my life will be just a little bit better if I take those of others."
He sows hate and hate grows.
Somewhere, someday, someone has to stop fighting and start helping. And it's going to be tough but it's got to be somebody so why not us?2
If we just keep killing soon everybody's dead and no one's left to enjoy the peace. Finally! Peace... Isn't that what everybody wants? But we cannot have that. Not yet. Not until every single one is fed and educated.
In such a world, there'll be no place for weapons. In such a world, no man goes to war. Because nobody will have to stand up for their rights.
Only if there is no possible chance that such a world will exist one day, only then do we have to start praying.
Praying is the last reaction not the first solution.

1This line is from Doctor Who.
2This line was inspired by George Watsky.

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