Star Wars

Spoilers included!

The first Star Wars movie, A New Hope, was published in 1977.

20 years later I was born.

The prequels came out two years later.

When my brother was about nine years old he borrowed all of the episodes from the video library. Back then - I was 7 or 8 - I wasn't interested in these 'nerdy boys' movies'. (Here I'd like to thank media and society for pressuring me to play with dolls instead of my cousins' awesome workbench.)

Years later I realized that quite a lot of people - including my female mother - enjoyed those weird sci-fi movies and I wanted to know what the fuss was about. So, when all of the movies were played on TV in 2012, I recorded and watched them. And boy, were they amazing. I started with the prequels, which I enjoyed more at the time, because they were more modern and I didn't watch a lot of old movies before that. Considering that, I was quite amused by the special effects, makeup and costumes of the original trilogy. I also didn't get why you'd use such weird wipe transitions.

Over the years I became aware of the huge fandom that loves and obsesses over the Star Wars movies and soon became part of it.

In 2015 I heard the news about a new Star Wars movie being published. My excitement was uncontainable. I could actually watch a Star Wars movie in a cinema and experience it with the rest of the world for the first time. It wouldn't just be an old movie with actors who are much less good-looking now. It'd be something new. Something made in my era and time of living.
A friend of mine already promised to pay for my ticket as a birthday present back in spring. As soon as they started selling the tickets, I drove to the cinema and bought four tickets for my friends and me. We didn't get any tickets for the opening unfortunately. It was on a Wednesday (around midnight) and we had school the next day. Normally I don't skip school but I would have done it for this particular movie. They had already sold all tickets though. So, we went on a Saturday night and made the fantastic plan to rewatch the other episodes beforehand.
My friend came over to my house Friday evening. We started with the first episode around nine o'clock and planned to watch the whole night. Due to various technical difficulties with the DVDs, the DVD player and the TV the prequels alone cost us a lot of time. We fell asleep a lot and had to wake each other up, do quick workouts and watch Dr Jean's 'Banana Song' to stay awake. After the third episode we decided we didn't want to miss any second of the original trilogy and went to sleep for a bit.
In the morning we made ourselves a huge breakfast with egg, bacon, pancakes and all and filled up with new energy we started watching the next three episodes. This time, I enjoyed those way more than the prequels, which - to be true - were a bit of a pain in the ass the night before (especially since we were so fucking tired). I fell in love with the characters once more and was captured by the feeling of adventure and uncertainty in this 'old' future (I know, it's actually a long time ago). After finishing the last episode and still being captivated by this amazing fictional world, we got ready for the newest episode. I put on my Darth Vader jumper and my friend laced up her Star Wars Vans. Our two other friends actually brought light sabers to the cinema (one of them wore a full on Jedi costume). We bought popcorn and drinks and went into the dark room to enjoy the movie in 3D, which did make it even more awesome.
Before watching the movie I only watched one trailer and then refused to use social media and even thought about skipping school to avoid spoilers. So, no, I did not know he was going to die and I was devastated. He was just reunited with Leia for fuck's sake!
Yes, the movie feels a lot like A New Hope. But the prequels were nothing like the old movies and they weren't nearly as successful. Episode VII may not have been the movie that we wanted, but it was the movie that we needed (see what I did there?).
Not only were the special effects and setting amazing, the actors were the bomb too. Who doesn't love Daisy Ridley and Oscar Isaac? I especially loved that this movie features a strong woman, who fights and doesn't need to be saved by Han Solo. It felt much more like my time and I could actually identify with Rey, making the movie less of a 'nerdy boys' movie'. This time, I even hoped for the movie to feature the typical wipe transitions and was so disappointed when Han didn't know Leia loved him.
We left the cinema excited and overwhelmed. After having watched 14,23 hours of Star Wars within the last 24 hours, we still didn't have enough and couldn't wait for the next episode to be out. And be not mistaken, we will most definitely repeat our Star Wars marathon in December 2017.

May the force be with you.

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