Berlin 2015

So far, I've went to Berlin twice and loved it both times. And because I miss it so much, I'll now share some pictures of my second trip.

A dear friend of mine was given a trip to Berlin for her birthday. She was going to stay at her half-sister's cousin's flat and she kindly let me tag along. Not only did I get to stay there for free, my friend also organised our trains and got the best possible price. We even were able to travel first class on our way back as it was cheaper than second due to our BahnCards (not spon, yo).

We started our trip on 12th August, 2015. After 5 hours or so, we arrived at the capital. My friend's half-sister's cousin (that's way too long, her name's Klara) picked us up from the train station and we headed to her nearby appartment.

Can we just appreciate the beauty of this flat real quick?

It was surrounded by greens, too!

We then decided to head into the city to tick the essential sightseeing off of our travel list.


Brandenburger Tor

Siegessäule | I finally got to see the Blue Man Group.

The next day we did a bit of shopping, which I didn't really document. On saturday we explored Neukölln and walked along the wall though.

Bee Beards in Neukölln

Working that photobooth.


Personal favourite of mine.

We also went to the coolest cinema in the evening. Not only were the seats super comfortable and big and had a thing for your feet pop out when you leaned back, they did a super cool sound and light show before the movie started, too. That show included an actual waterfall in front of the screen!

On sunday we went to the biggest flea market I've ever seen at Mauerpark, spent some time at Nikolaiviertel and went to see an art exhibition (this was my friend's idea, since she's kind of an artist, but I'm really glad we did it, the exhibition was superduperfun).

Fleamarket & Primark finds | Fernsehturm

Rotes Rathaus


They projected van Gogh's paintings all over the walls and told us about his life.

The last day was very relaxed, we went to Haus Schwarzenberg and Hackesche Höfe before heading back to the train station.

The whole house / yard was covered in art.

Are you my mummy?

 Hackesche Höfe was very unimpressive compared to this gem.

As I said earlier we got to travel first class on our way back. This meant free food at the station's lounge beforehand, free wifi on the train and very comfy seats. And little did we know, about half way through most passengers had to switch trains to get their connecting train and we soon had the whole two wagons that belonged to the first class to ourselves! We took our shoes off, leaned back and used up as much of the space as possible. The staff didn't seem to care either.

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