Hey, what's going on?

Disclaimer: I'm not trying to brag with my grades, but I might as well coz I worked my freakin' butt off, so shush.

Normally I don't write a whole post about what I've been up to, cause it seems a bit self-centered. However, I've been up to a lot lately and couldn't really share that with anyone - the main reason being that I'm out of school.

Yes, after 13 long and exhausting years, I've finally finished my school career. And just to be clear, 13 years are the norm at German grammar schools (in Rhineland-Palatinate), I didn't fail any classes nor did I repeat any years. On the 10th of March, 2016, I had my last exam, which was an oral exam in ethics and by passing that I achieved my A-levels.
In elementary school and the first three years or so of grammar school I was quite a good student. I mostly got Bs and Cs except for the occasional D in PE or maths. Later on, I had a few more problems with French, physics and maths meaning I got mostly Fs (which isn't the worst grade in Germany though since we have 6 grades). I learned French since 5th grade (that was the last year this was possible by the way; now you have to learn English first and then a second language in 7th grade) and dropped out of the class as soon as possible (10th grade). This was three years ago and I've struggled so much with this language I can't even form a proper sentence anymore. For comparison, I've learned Italian for two years, I'm able to talk quite a bit and understand way more than I ever did in French. So, it's not like I'm no good at languages (*she said pointing to her English blog and Cambrigde Certificate*).
Anyways, my grades got better when I got into 11th grade. For us Germans, that's the year we can more or less decide which classes we want to attend, which we want to chose as main subjects and which we want to drop out of. There are some regulations though and we don't have classes like cooking or sewing like some American high schools do. I went with biology, German and English as main subjects and as mentioned before dropped out of French as well as physics. Unfortunately, I couldn't continue Italian either and therefore got into an IT class. Luckily I got a new maths teacher, too (she already was my teacher in 5th and 6th grade, though) and it soon became one of my best classes (grade-wise). I had a few struggles with biology and chemistry but I was able to avoid any Fs in my school reports.
Although my grades were always good solid average, I never ever would have dreamed of getting a 2.0 in my A-levels (it's like a very very good B, the best B there is actually).

After I was done with that, I did... nothing for a very long time. I met up with friends a bit, we had an amazing bbq on top of a little mountain, brunched together, went on quite a few shopping sprees, held a game night and celebrated my birthday but it was only this week that I finally went to our local supermarket and applied for a job to save some money for travels and college.

Speaking of which, I'm going to Berlin again in two weeks (funnily enough, I planned this after my last post) with my cousin and a friend of hers; it's gonna be lit.
Speaking of which pt. II, I'm visiting colleges the next few weeks to try and find out which one I wanna study at. I think I've told you already that I wanna study IT but I'm not sure where yet. The one college that seems to be the best is very close to my hometown, which means I probably would stay at home for my studies. I kinda wanna move out though... Oh, also: in Germany there are two types of colleges, there are the big proper universities, where you sometimes have to stand in the hallway because the classes are overfilled and the lessons are much more theoretical and there are Hochschulen, which are mostly smaller (=less students) and the lessons are a bit more practical and hands-on. I, as an introverted shy person, chose the latter (duh!). Not only are those kinds of schools less popular, IT itself isn't very popular either, that means I can pretty much attend every Hochschule there is. Even if they do sort some people out, my grade is way better than it needs to be for me to be able to study IT. Would be another story if I wanted to study medicine, for example.

Other stuff I wanna mention:
- The weather has been real nice the last few days, it was like 27°C on our balcony (that equals 16-21°C on the streets - we live very high up and the balcony's facing south). This also had a positive effect on my mood and productivity.
- I got a haircut yesterday! It's about 5cm shorter and much healthier (don't worry papa, it's not short enough for you to notice a difference, I'd still consider it long hair) and I really like how it looks, which is rare for me.
- Once again, I sorted through my clothes and there are five bags next to me right now that are waiting to be recycled by H&M (not spon, yo). I already donated two bags of shoes this week and there's a lot of space in my closet, that demands to be filled with new clothes.
- I finally made an appointment at the bank. I have a long and complicated history with my bank and don't really wanna have to deal with it ever again.
- Not only am I visiting a college tomorrow from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., I also have to get rid of some of my clothes at the H&M store to get that double discount and I have to be at my cousin's birthday party at 5 p.m., which I have to leave early because I'm invited to another birthday party that same night. I was invited to a farewell bbq for two of my friends that are gonna be in New Zealand for three months too, but I can't possibly attend three parties in one evening. It's gonna be a very packed day for me...
- Tonight my friends will give their last concert with our school band and I'm very sad about it, cause they're really fucking talented musicians and singers.
- I redecorated and reassembled my room (in case I have to stick with it during my studies) and it's looking real fine.

So, this has been my life lately, I promise there'll be some more general posts about some philosophy or another coming soon. I just had to share this with someone since I don't see my friends that often anymore now that we're all out of school and busy with our own future plans.

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