On Natural Talent

by - September 25, 2016

Just a short thing about some thoughts of mine.

There are some people in this world that are blessed with extraordinary natural talents.
And then there are some that aren't.

I'm not a person of many talents. I'm quite the spelling bee, yes. I've won a few contests for reading aloud, sure enough. I've acquired a certificate proving my English skills. But those talents are somewhat... well, basic tbh. No one'd be jealous to hear that I won a spelling contest in 2nd grade by knowing how to spell Bonbon (German - or rather French - for sweet). As a consequence I've always envied people with natural talents like dancing or singing. I thought it was rather unfair. They pretty much came out of the womb ready to sing an opera without having to practice much. While I'm going through those godforsaken dance moves again and again knowing it'll never look as good as it's supposed to.

But then I thought some more about it. And I thought: 'I may never be as good as someone born with all the right attributes for this special task but at least I know that I worked hard for where I'm at and that's something to be proud of.'

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