Reaching my Final Geek Level

by - September 30, 2016

The moment has come.

We have all anticipated it for a long time. We feared it, dreaded it, looked forward to it(?), got excited about it.

Your girl's a college student. A university of applied sciences student actually. An IT student, to be exact. Or, as some like to call me, a nerd.

It took me a lot of time to get to this point. I've read countless fantasy and sci-fi books. Watched the entirety of Firefly, the (new) Doctor Who episodes and the Star Wars movies. Spend hours upon hours playing the Gameboy Colour, Advanced PS, Mini, DS Light, DS, 64; Playstation 3 and various PC games. Have worn a total of four glasses within ten years. Visited a Science-Fiction-Convention in a museum showcasing cars, planes and boats. Read countless Wikipedia articles. Vigorously watched vlogbrothers, CGPGrey, minutephysics and MinuteEarth videos for years.
And now, I am an IT student at a university of applied sciences in a city known for its jousting - it's coat of arms is a white dragon on blue ground (I know, pretty epic).

I have reached the ultimate level of nerdiness. I have become a super noob. I am a geek.

(Let's see how long I'll stick to it, lol.)

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