Out and Away

by - January 29, 2017

So like, travelling is really trendy, I guess. I've posted about this before and you're probably aware that nowadays people are collecting countries like they're Yu-Gi-Oh cards. And I like to travel myself. However, it's not just the holidays that are best spent away. People are moving between countries or even continents on a regular basis. 

As I finished school last year I was confronted with the fact that a lot of students decide to move abroad or at least move to another bigger (and a bit farther from their home) city. Most of my friends did that anyway. And I wanted to do that too... But I didn't. 
Because, a) I was hella scared to be on my own, living with strangers because b) I couldn't really afford it unless I wanted to work while studying, which I really don't cause I hardly have any time as it is.
However I also just really happened to like the University near my home because it was recently completely renovated and it's quite small and well known (amongst Universities for Applied Sciences that is) for doing a good job at educating people.

So, I made the decision to stay at home for now and maybe move out later (since the flats here are much more affordable than in those big University cities). And I was quite happy with that decision... until all my friends moved far far away and I was left behind. Not only was I extremely lonely all of a sudden but it also made me kind of feel like a loser to be honest. Everyone moved into their shared city flats and I was the one who stayed in their hometown... with her mum and brother.
Now, you probably expect me to write about how I went on some sort of emotional journey and in the end, was at peace with myself and my decision but to be quite frank that hasn't happened yet. I still struggle and debate whether or not I made the right decision and who knows, maybe I'll move out and away in a year or so after all (although that doesn't really sound like me, does it? coz if there's a possibility to not make an effort, I'll probably take it). But it also got me thinking why I feel like such a failure just because I chose a university near me. Would it make me feel as bad if I chose this small town university if I didn't live nearby and had had to move as well? Do I just feel so horrible because my friends really seem to thrive in their new habitats and I don't (which has much less to do with my location and much more to do with my personality, but ya know)?

Oh well, I really don't know if I wanna leave this awesome university. All I do know is that I spend a lot of time thinking about it and that makes me feel like maybe I should.

(I wish I could just take my university and put it into a different city. Just like Patrick did with Bikini Bottom.)

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