A Change, a Plan and lots of Shit

by - February 28, 2017

This post comes to you in three parts, just like most Vlogbrother videos.

Firstly: look at that beautiful new header, will ya? My blog buddy and bubu @lionneheart designed it using Canva. I love it. Adds some colour to the site, don't it?
Look at me using pics in my posts again.
Secondly: I'm flying to Dublin for ten days on Monday with the lovely @theresa.jhnn. (Side note: Is it socially acceptable yet to refer to your friends with their usernames? Or is that a tad pretentious?) We're gonna have all the fun and hopefully do some of the drinking and it's gonna be amazing. So I had this really stupid idea to do a travel diary of sorts. Because I'm having such a hard time posting regularly on here I thought it'd be cool to post a short update on what we've been doing every day. And since I'll be in Dublin it's actually gonna be somewhat interesting compared to my usual daily life. However, I don't know how much time I'll have, maybe it's gonna be so exhausting that I'll pass out at the end of each day etc. etc.... Basically, this might not happen at all or I'll be all pumped to write about the first two days and then completely forget about it. But: I'll try. Alright? Alright. (If I won't post every day I'll at least do one big post at the end like the Berlin one.)

Thirdly: I've talked about mental shit on here myself but I'm just sooooo tired of every YouTube video and every blog post being 'bout depressions and anxiety and shit that I've decided to not contribute to the conversation anymore. Not coz I don't think it's important just coz I think other people do a much better job at it and there's enough stuff like that already out there. So there's really no point in tearing myself down thinking about that ish. I also feel like because it is talked about so often people tend to go for the extreme and say they have severe anxiety when really they're just a bit shy. I sure do that sometimes. If ever I write about that again you can go ahead and call me out about it and I'll send you a virtual cookie or shit.

P.S. I sincerely apologize for the excessive use of shit in that last paragraph.

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