Irish Lads #1

Cheers, lads!

Cheers seems to be the Irish's favorite word only second to fuck. (I love this country. Cursing might just be a national sport here.) Cheers works as hello, thanks, here you go, bye and of course the classic cheers involving Guinness and stuff.

I mean... come on, that's ridicolous!

It's our second day in Dublin and so far we've walked around a lot, especially along the Liffey and it's many bridges, been to the National Library, Natural History Museum, Archeology & History Museum and the Gallery. The Gallery, we agree, was the best out of these free admission sites. We've also touched the Spire, looked into Molly Malone's cleav- I mean eyes and stood next to the prick with the stick as well as the hungry bronzen emigrants. We also found this super cute bookshop that we'll be visiting many more times, I'm sure.

We're staying in a cute lil hostel with a super nice receptionist whose hair suggests that he's actually a backstreet boy and are sharing our room with two other girls we for some reason have hardly talked to yet.

Tomorrow we're gonna be up super early to drive to the Cliffs of Moher and other sites which'll be amazing. For now I'm signing off though coz a girl's gotta get some rest.


P.S. Sorry if the quality of this post is a bit meh, but have you ever tried to use Blogger on your phone? It's fucking horrible.

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