Irish Lads #2

We all knew this would happen, didn't we? So, let's just forget about the whole 'Imma make a travel diary' thing and get on with it. I'm still gonna post a recap of every day but since I'm back home already the posts are slightly delayed. Anyways, here's Wednesday!

When we arrived in Dublin we didn't have any plans on what to see and where to go. However, by Monday evening we had the whole stay planned out mostly thanks to our receptionist's many recommendations. For our third day we booked a day tour with Wild Rover Tours (not spon, yo) to the Cliffs of Moher and the City of Galway. And it was magnificent! We were on one of those huge ass busses and I took full advantage of the window seat by snapping loads of pics on the road. But most of them were took at the Cliffs, which were just sooo beautfiul!

Look at my super cute friend!

We also stopped at a gas station that was called Barack Obama Plaza, because Obama visited the town once and naming a gas station after him was apparently the best the Irish could do, which I think is hilarious. At the end of the day we pretty much collapsed and slept through till the next day.

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