Irish Lads #3

Thursday was pretty laid back. We had a lil tour around Kilmainham Gaol which was quite interesting and after that we went to St. Patrick's and Christ Church Cathedrale. We were quite shocked to find out that the churches in Dublin have entry fees of up to 8€ or something. And they asked for offerings inside. In Germany churches and even big cathedrales are usually for free. It may be cause we live near a huge cathedrale but we weren't too impressed with St. Patrick's and Christ Church. Although the old flags inside kind of reminded us of a The Walking Dead or Fallout scene. So that was pretty cool.

Birdcage aesthetics were all the prison rage back in the day

Isn't this surprisingly pretty for a jail courtroom ceiling?

In the evening we finally went on our first pub crawl. Although... we didn't really crawl much cause we stayed at the first pub where we met some real nice Brits. That's pretty much it for Thursday.

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