Irish Lads #5

Saturday was the day of the hangover. It was equally as bad as the pub crawl was fun. Luckily, we had a day tour planned for Saturday and were able to sleep off most of our hangover in the bus. And we got the front seats which meant a) an amazing view and b) not getting sick from the bus motion. The tour was a Wild Rover Tour again and we got to see Kilkenny, Wicklow Mountains and Glendalough (which was absolutely stunning!). In addition to that we also visited a shepherd who demonstrated how his dogs flock his sheep which was pretty cool. And I wish I could whistle in as many different ways as shepherds can.

This would be a great The Originals set, don't you think?

They even got the ravens and crows and everything.

Look, it a cute doggo!

(Photo credit for this one goes to my friend again)
(Yes, we went to the pub crawl again. The taste of our hangovers still on our tongues. But ya know, that's what vacays are for.)

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