Irish Lads #6

On Sunday I thought: 'Well, something had to go wrong eventually.' But let's start at the very beginning, a wonderful place to start. We had booked a Guinness Storehouse tour for 9.30am. So, we got up relatively early (not really, though) and took a bus to the storehouse. In front of us were tha massive black gates of the fabric, the word Guinness written onto them in gold lettering. But: those gates clearly weren't meant to be used by pedestrians, so we started walking alongside the fabric looking for the proper entrance. But all we found were more of those lorry gates. After 20 minutes or so we had surrounded the whole thing and were starting to think that we were in the wrong place. We got back to where we started and at that point we were already late for our tour. However, the website said that if you missed your tour you'd just get on the next tour (for some weird reason, this seems to happen quite a lot). So we weren't completely fucked. When we arrived back at the bus station we finally saw what we were looking for: a sign with a pint, a walking stick figure and an arrow pointing us in the right direction on it. You see, the storehouse was on the left side of the bus stop, while the building in which the tours are taking place was on the right side. We eventually got to the entrance and it turns out, the tours are self-guided anyways so there really is no point in selling tickets for certain times but whatever. The tour was pretty cool though, the building was made to look like a pint and you started the tour on the first floor and finished it at the very top which was a 360° bar.

This is not the right building.

They had an indoor waterfall and shit.

Again, with the birdcage aesthetics.


They tried to disprove popular quotes. And this one was: 'A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle.' So, like, disproving it is kinda sexist, right?

They also had an entire room dedicated to brainwashing you into believing that Guinness cures cancer or some shit. It was real freaky.

View from the top.

Since we live close to the biggest chemical company in the world this wasn't as impressive to us as it apparently was to other people.

(We may be not that into Guinness and ordered soft drinks instead?)
After the tour we decided to spontaneously have a look around Trinity College. Their tours are guided by students and our guide was particularly funny. And one point he told us that he applied for a room on campus and said: 'If that doesn't work, I'm gonna be homeless next year.' And although he laughed it off he was probably dying inside cause like, he might be homeless for realsies.

The Star Wars movies were inspired by this library. In case you didn't know, now you know.

This little piece of shit had to be bullied into allowing girls at his college, so now, whenever girls graduate at Trinity they climb onto the statue and take pics sitting in his lap and I just think that's hilarious.

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