20 Things I've Learned in 20 Years

(Stole this idea from Karlie Kloss)

Writing this the day before I turn 20.

1. Take a mental step back, properly look at the situation & you'll probably find that you're taking it way too seriously.

2. Never underestimate your past self. Growing up we always look back and think: 'I've been so stupid back then. And those exams I worried about are nothing compared to my exams now.' (Or something along those lines.) Keep in mind that a year or two from now you'll think the same thing about your present self. But those exams were hard at the time and your past self did its fucking best.

3. Knowing how to apply makeup properly, dressing in flattering clothes and having the right hair cut will change the way you see yourself immensely.

4. Your appearance does change your character and confidence.

5. Always ask for help.

6. Your background may influence you but it doesn't define you. It's part of your story but not necessarily part of you.

7. Your social life is just as important as your education. Find a balance.

8. Wait for summer. If you don't feel better under the sun, you need to fix some things. But never despair in winter.

9. Travelling is the best way to find happiness and meet new friends and figure out what you want in life.

10. Tell people how you feel. Nothing can be changed by remaining silent.

11. Always, always, always make sure your loved ones know who they are.

12. 'If I look back on my life, which will I regret more: taking the opportunity or not taking it?' is actually solid advice.

13. Maintain the buzz. If you do drink alcohol and start feeling that buzzy tipsiness, maintain that feeling by switching to soft drinks instead of ending up with your head in a toilet.

14. All-nighters are a no-go. Except if you plan on sleeping through the next day.

15. It's all gonna come along eventually. Stressing about running out of time gets you nowhere.

16. You don't have to be the best at everything. Sometimes it's good enough to be average and sometimes you just need to pass.

17. 'Everyone is as miserable as I am. They're just better at pretending.' is the best advice for when you're feeling down.

18. Your friends should build you up not tear you down. Everyone else in the world is already trying the latter, you need some people to help you fight that.

19. Most people aren't impressed by other people's knowledge but scared of it. Words are powerful.

20. That being said, a gun will kill you instantly, words won't. So choose your weapons wisely1.

1 I feel like some people might misinterpret this as me being pro-guns; the opposite is the case. Just wanted to make that clear.

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