Irish Lads #8

Because Howth turned out to be so fucking pretty we decided to once again take the train to a nearby village recommended to us by a friend. This one was called Dún Laoghaire and equally as gorgeous. We walked on these stone plateaus next to the sea and had a hard time not falling on our faces cause the stone was soaking wet and extremely slippery. We somehow made it to the other end of the beach without any accidents though. There we went up a little hill, walked around the streets and appreciated the cute af houses. We then spontaneously had a look inside the James Joyce Tower & Museum which was very lovely and to top it all off we bought some delicious soft ice covered in sprinkels and cookies.

Ireland has a surprising amount of palm trees considering how much they're making fun of their bad weather...

those are said stone plateaus (is there a proper name for these?)

Ugh, so Beverly Hills

likkle beach foto session

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