Prague 2017

by - August 10, 2017

My friend and I went travelling again. This time we spent 10 days in the Czech capital. I've been to Czech before but only when we spent the holidays at a Bavarian farm and drove over the border for a cheap dinner.

We travelled eight hours by bus (which was surprisingly bearable) and stayed at a hostel that was right next to the busiest fucking street in Prague. Whenever we opened the window (which was a lot cause it was soooo hot) we could hardly talk to each other; that's how loud it was.

We arrived on a Friday and after a quick nap we walked around Old Town and took a few pics on Charles Bridge. We were quite surprised by the masses and masses of tourists as we expected to see more in Dublin but as it turns out, Prague is way more popular. We also immediately jumped at the opportunity to get some Goulash and Trdelnik. Loved the Goulash, was a bit disappointed by the Trdelnik - it just tasted like sweet stick bread.

Our view from the hostel

On Charles Bridge

Old Town Square by night
On Saturday we did the Royal Walk which was a good way to see the city but we missed most of the actual 'sights' cause they just weren't that 'eye-catching'. In the evening we enjoyed our very first Czech beer which was aight.

The infamous Powder Tower
Sunday we spent exploring the Jewish quarter, which we were told was a lesser known part of town. Only it was - much like everything else - overrun by tourists. It was really cool though to see so many different synagogues seeing as I've only been to one other synagogue before that was mostly destroyed during the War. That was also the day we discovered the Poison Karaoke Bar right around the corner of our hostel. See, we were planning to go to the Pub Crawl but were too late and it started pouring as soon as we headed out which is why we spend the first two hours or so alone with the three barkeepers. Other people eventually found their way into the bar and we even sang some Karaoke.

Ceiling of the Spanish Synagogue

Seriously, this bar was so much fun, you need to check it out if you ever find yourself in Prague
We went up to Prague Castle the fourth day and we absolutely hated it. The whole thing looked like it was built just to please the American tourists who have never seen a castle before and again: there were so many of them you could hardly move. We did get some pretty pics though. That evening we decided to be a bit fancy and went to Black Angel's Bar, which was really cool but also like reallyyyyy fancy. Like the first thing on the menu were the rules.

Lilly in der Shame Booth: Reloaded

If you like this window picture, maybe you should check out my Instagram account, just a thought

Tuesday was art exhibition day. Or as I like to call it: I could do without this but my friend's an artist and I love her so I'm gonna look at some art with her. And honestly most exhibitions were super enjoyable, especially the Mucha one. Only I didn't get any of the modern art. It was one of those exhibitions where you can put trash on the floor and someone's bound to take a pic of it. We also watched a five minute movie about the landing of a paper ufo on the beetroot field, which was weird to say the least.


This is just straight up plastic trash pinned to a wall.

Classic art is understandable at least.

Our lunch was super delish so a pic was necessary. Go to the Bistro Zahrada for a tourist free lunch in a pretty garden.

Mucha now. Mucha I get.
The next day we didn't really have a plan. We went to the Strahov Monastery which holds the most underwhelming library we've ever seen. Afterwards we walked through Letna Park, went up the mini eiffel tour and through a mirror maze that was less of a maze and more of a two minute walk through mirrors. I think we spent the evening at Poison's again. We spent three evenings there in total and did a loooot of karaoke. (Honestly, the pics aren't even worth seeing so I'm not gonna post those and head straight to Thursday.)

Thursday's pictures aren't worth showing either. We went to Karlsteijn castle, which was a tad better than Prague castle but still not as pretty as German castles and we got super excited about the rain because it was so hot all the time.

Friday was a juxtaposition of a day. We did a day tour to the Terezin concentration camp which was just how you imagined a trip to a concentration camp to be. But I've never been to one before and as a German I feel like I have to. Everyone should go at least once really. After that I wasn't sure I'd be able to go partying in the evening but we went to the Pub Crawl nonetheless and it was truly amazing. We met the nicest people and had loads of fun.

On Saturday we met up with some guys from the pub crawl again to get some late brunch and for a relaxing boat tour of the river. We were all pretty hungover and therefore not able to do much else. In the evening we went to the Sky Bar of the Hilton hotel. The Hilton was just as impressive and intimidating as you'd think but the Sky Bar was below mediochre tbh. I mean the view was nice but the service and the toilets were gross. Don't recommend.

Theresa, my bean; Yoska; me; and Sharai. Theresa and I met the girls at the pub crawl and they were the most lovely people.
Sunday was spent in a bus again. So no more pics from that day. I gotta say, I prefered our trip to Dublin sightseeing-wise because there were way less tourists and the landscape was just way prettier but people we've met-wise, Prague is where it's at. Theresa and I are already fantasizing about where to go next (we're thinking Scandinavian maybe...) so the next travel post probably isn't that far away.

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