The Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

You are the monster lurking beneath my bed.
You are the bogeyman waiting in my closet.
You are the flickering shadows in the dark corners of my room.
You are the very fabric that is woven into my nightmares.
When everyone turns their back, You take off your mask
and show the beast, that You truly are.

You wear a costume and live in the flock.
Just another face amongst the many innocent.
No one pays attention to You.
No one sees You, truly.
No one knows that your costume is made
from all the sheep You held in your claws,
ripped out their throat with your sharp teeth.
For You are the wolf hiding
in the skin of your victims,
between your next meals.

I see right through your shield.
I can see your soul, truly.
I know your next move before you do.
The way you think is no stranger to me.
We're not that different after all.
Except - of course - that you give in
to your demons, while I
keep locking mine away.
Those are the choices we made.
And therefore we are on different teams,
heading into different directions
but ultimately,
headed towards each other
to fight the last battle,
that only one can win.

(you can't manipulate me.
i can't be fooled.
because all those years you spat your venom at me
one drop at a time, i became immune.
the one person that can defeat you, you created yourself.
you may be the wolf, but i am the hunter.)

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