Wonderland - A Poem for the Mad

Lately I've been looking for my sanity.
It seems I lost it.

Your sanity isn't lost but stolen.
Hidden away where you cannot find it.

I am living in a bubble with people who are constantly pointing fingers at me and calling me crazy.
They say I'm in the wrong and out of my mind.

Because they cannot face the mirror.

Not even in my sleep am I left alone.
Every night my brain makes up a new scenario in which I am the victim yet somehow always end up blamed and shamed.
I wake up feeling guilty and have to unravel what happened until I feel angry at a dream.
The line between fantasy and reality is getting thinner and thinner and whenever I'm looking for it my vision blurs and I get headaches like the world is trying to keep me from the truth.

You can't awake from a nightmare if you never fell asleep.

The only one that's one my side is the voice inside my head.
But you can't listen to voices.
That's a sign of insanity.

Only the mad think themselves sane.

They put me away, wired up my brain for crimes I didn't commit.
'This will make you better.'
It doesn't.
Instead, they're pushing me further down the rabbit hole.

Can't you see the ladders?

I am stuck.
There is no escape.
I must be truly, wholly bonkers.

If only she had listened to the voices
of the people standing outside the bubble, atop the hole
screaming: 'Get out before the wires get the rest of you! They already got the best of you.'

Disclaimer: The last line is from a song called 'Wires' by The Neighbourhood, which inspired this poem. Also: wonderland.

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