by - December 15, 2015

"It's your fault!"
"No, it's your fault!"
"How can it be my fault?!"
"It surely isn't my fault!"
Screaming voices all around me, I can't stand that noise!
Thrilling, pounding, hammering, shrieking sounds!
Horrible! Terrible!
Cover up your ears! Hurry! Put on some music! Loud music!
Loud? No, not again, please! Quiet music, just be quiet!
My head keeps spinning, doesn't know where up and down, right and wrong, left, no straight!
Straight out of here, that's where I need to go, need to be alone!
Lonely on an island, just me and my thoughts... wait, thoughts are flooding me, they won't stop!
Buried by this fuss about nothing! Ridiculous! Why can't you just shut up! Your mouthes, they keep opening up!
Nothing comes out but nonsense! Is that all? Surely, you got more, you always do and never listen!
To the quietness, the noiselessness, the absolute, utter and complete silence.
Like honey and milk it covers my soul, embraces my heart.
My brain is light like a feather it flies into the nothingness.
Sweet, sweet nothing. Sweeter silence...
Bittersweet, it tastes to me. Wrong. Something's missing. Don't know what. Don't wanna know.
Just wanna float on the stream of absent sounds.
Haven't heard that in a while.
Oh, grace, oh, mercy, what have I done to deserve this silence? So beautiful a thing.
Such melody and harmony in my very ears and tears of joy and hope...fully this will last.
Just one more note.

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